Monday, August 20, 2012

The Paint's On The Wall

I finally chose a paint color for our master bedroom.  It took me a while to narrow it down from about 50 choices.  I teetered between beige, gray, and blue.  The winning color was Olympic One Tightrope.  It's a light griege.  I was a little unsure when we started rolling it on because I thought it looked purple, but it dried a nice color.  I must say it is lighter than the paint chip though.  Much lighter than what I was going for but it works.

I found this metal wall art at TJ Maxx.  I like it but may make a slight change to it.  I bought it for another room but it ended up here.

Now that the wall color has changed, I definitely need to get on finding new bedding.  Something a little softer.  You can also see the lamp shades still have the plastic on them.  I bought these at Target but still haven't decided if I'm going to keep them.

Since we were moving furniture around, we decided to put the dresser in front of the bed.  We removed the mirror and placed the television on top.  The cable box and other stuff are under the dresser so they wouldn't crowd the top.

The television will probably end up mounted on the wall.  Maybe even a photo gallery around it?

Now that this side of the room is clear of the dresser, we can focus on more furniture to turn this into a proper sitting area.

This picture is a little more of the true color.

So glad this step is over with.  My back and legs ache.  Painting is so worth it once you see the after though.  The room feels more open with the new color.  Hubby even said the room has more character already.  Can't wait to find pieces for this room.



  1. Oh girlie, this is on my to-do list as well...dreading it! Yet excited at the same time! I like the color you picked out, looks nice and clean, good job it was worth it!

  2. Unfortunately the paint chip is always darker. That's why they say to go one shade up! It's a nice colour though. I like it!


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