More Changes Over Time

I started a couple weeks ago with recapping the last five years of decorating in the house.  I started with the family room.  Let's continue on our journey shall we?  

The most used room in the house is probably the kitchen.  Here's what it looked like before.  This is after paint was put on the walls and new appliances.  I don't have pictures of this space before we did anything to it.

Here we are today.  We installed a tile back splash, put in new lighting, painted the cabinets, put in a new faucet, and got some new barstools.  I love it now.

The formal living room is hardly ever used but it still has to look good right?

Here's where that room started.  It stayed empty for a while since I was focusing on other rooms in the house.

And today.  We finally bought a sofa, painted the accent wall a couple times, put up some art behind the sofa, and bought a rug.


Next is the dining room.  It was really boring.

I think this room has really come a long way.  The light was originally white but I painted it black to satisfy me until I could find a chandelier I liked.  I stenciled an accent wall, bought a new rug, found a chandelier, made a sunburst mirror, bought new dining chairs, and brought in some new art for the wall.

WhewI didn't realize we had done so much to this space.  It's good I have a blog right to help me keep track of what goes on around here.

Next, we'll visit the upstairs.

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  1. OMG, it all looks amazing! The dining room is totally another and it looks gorgeous. You did a fabulous job with the kitchen too.
    How exciting for you!

  2. Your home looks beautiful... great transformations! I adore that fabulous stenciling you did in the dining room... my favorite of the spaces! :) ~Rhonda


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