Bedroom Talk

Looks like we are about to finally paint the master bedroom.  This has been a long time coming.  This is the last room to be painted, except for the spare bedroom.   

Here's our bedroom now.  Just like how the other parts of the house started, there are boring builder beige walls.

One of the things I love about this house is that is has a ton of windows.  During the day, our house is so bright and full of sunshine.

This view is looking back towards the bedroom double door entrance. 

This is the sitting area.

The view into the bedroom from the sitting area.

We've lived in blank slate for a year and I am glad we decided to do something about it.  The first change we plan to make is painting the walls.  The room is pretty big so I want  a color that will bring warmth to it to make it a little more cozy.  I've been torn between a few colors.

I love the warm beige in this bedroom.  The color is just a little lighter than our main floor.  It goes perfect with the dark wood throughout the room.  I would add pops of blue to continue the color scheme from downstairs.  I like the open book shelves that separate the bedroom from the sitting area.

I was also thinking about doing a light blue.  The dark headboard pops against the color and adds an airiness.  Maybe with a blue wall, I could do more neutral colors in the bedding since the main color is on the walls.

 As I mentioned before, gray has been on my mind lately.  There are so many hues of gray and I know it will be tricky to find the perfect one.  I could pair any color with gray and it will look good.

Once the walls are painted, I can bring in more furniture and accessories.  I didn't want to start adding items until I had a background to work with.  Do you see how much space I have to fill in here?  It's like another living room in our bedroom.  The bedding is definitely changing, which is another dilemma in itself.  I haven't seen anything we both agree on.  Any ideas?  What color is your master bedroom? 


  1. My vote is for blue. The color is so soothing and calming, perfect for the bedroom. Grey I feel would make the room quite dull. I like the shade of blue with white ceiling in the picture below:

    It will go perfectly with your dark brown furniture. You can then add some pop of light yellow and white with the carpet as shown or a lounge chair :)

  2. Love the warm beige. It feels comforting & cozy.

  3. i love the first one. I like the open book shelves that separate the bedroom from the sitting area too. i think blue would look good with the the first room too. can not wait to see what you do. ang

  4. My bedroom is Benjamin Moore Galveston Gray - LOVE IT! It took a while to find the right gray but I have a lot of space and tall ceilings so it works. I am sure whatever decision you make will be a good one. Good luck!

  5. I have recently been fond of gray walls, however, I do think that the blue looks nice as well! I also like the sitting room set up in the first photo.

  6. My favorite of the three is the gray - so rich! Reminds me of a stormy Atlantic Ocean!


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