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Mirrors At The Entry

The little wall when you walk into the house has always bugged me.  It's a small space but I still want something there so guests don't walk in to complete emptiness. Back in the fall I made a piece of subway art to fill the space.  It had the color I was looking for but I was never really satisfied. I was in Target one day and found this set of Threshold sunburst mirrors on sale.  I figured the front entry would be a good spot for them. Here's how they look.   I think they're screaming for a coat of ORB spray paint.  They are blending into the wall as they are now.   I'm on the lookout for a small table or bench to go here as well.  It will balance out the bottom half better than the vase.  The vase will find a home somewhere else.      Have you found anything from the Target Threshold line you had to bring home?  

Hanging A Mirror With Ribbon

I wanted to hang a mirror in the nursery but wasn't sure how I wanted to do it.  I thought about just gluing a hanger to the back and calling it lovely but I decided a ribbon would give me some more punch of color. I started with a round mirror from Michael's, my orange ribbon, and hot glue.   I cut 2 pieces of ribbon the same length.  Remember to burn the edges so they won't fray.   I tried to decide how far I wanted the mirror to hang and tied a knot in the middle accordingly.  The knot is almost centered but more towards one side. On one side I tied a bow and the other side I hot glued to the back of the mirror. I hung it using a nail through the middle of the knot. It's a nice little touch.  Thinking about a gallery wall around the mirror and some small trinkets.  Remember this will be the changing table.  What do you think? For more nursery progress: Nursery Plans Striped Wall DIY Photo Mattes DIY Nursery Prints Ch

Some Art For The Living Room

I can finally say there isn't a blank wall above the sofa anymore.  It took a few tries to find the right piece that we both liked but I think we're happy with this one.   It pulls all the colors from downstairs into one piece.  It's even got a little green which I wasn't sold on in the store but kind of like now.  Hubby liked the leaf as a focal point and it plays well with the vines and leaves in the chairs.   I also found a new lamp for the corner.  I wanted a drum shade and loved the tripod legs of this one from Target.   We're a little closer to complete in here.  Still would like to find some pillows that pop and definitely a rug.  Although, I've gotten kind of used to a rug not being in here.  

DIY Blue Dot Vase

I often ramble through my craft cabinet looking for a cheap project to do.  I have a couple baskets of craft paint that were looking back at me.  I also had an extra dollar store vase that was pretty plain.  I decided to give it some color with my paint.  I chose a color and got to work.   Here's what I started with: a dollar store vase, craft paint, and a stencil pouncer thing.   This project was so easy and was finished in no time.  I just dipped my pouncer into the paint, making sure to get off any extra, and pressed it on the vase.  Try to press and not slide or pull so you won't smear your dots. The dots are cute and bring a little color to the table. My daughter helped with this project and was already asking to paint the little side vases so I doubt they'll stay plain for too long. My stems are still on the table but I'm thinking about adding some other things for the season. It's the simple things in life that make me happy.

DIY Custom Placemats

The breakfast area is one we use daily.  We sit there for all our meals when we're together as a family.  I always keep placemats on the table to protect it from spills and scratches, especially with a little one.   The placemats that were there were old and a little dated.  They functioned great but the leaves weren't exactly our style.  A little country if you ask me. The size and shape of them are perfect for this table.  The sawed off corners made them fit together like a puzzle on the table and covered just enough while we were eating.  I was always on the look out for a better looking set.  At one point, I bought a round woven set but never liked how they looked so I never used them.  Plus they were woven so I didn't want to be scraping food out the holes. I happened to be in Target one day (surprise right?) when I came across these on clearance.  The color and design on them was good and they were plastic.  The only thing is that their shape was going t