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Girl's Room Reveal

Good morning fine folks!  This moment has been a long time coming.  I expected this makeover to be quick and painless b ut it has dragged on for months .  I know .  I know.  I knew what I wanted to do but not finding some pieces that I wanted caused me to run behind schedule. Let's get to it shall we ?  C aution yourself a s there are lots of pictures. I wante d her room to have a focal wall but I knew I didn't want to use paint.  I found these gold polka dot decals and my girl loved them.  I was originally going to do a pattern but my daughter liked the idea of free falling dots instead.   This actually saved me a headache of trying to measure and figure out where each dot w ent.  It was a win for us both .   The biggest change in the room was probably the wall color change.  It was previously green.  I really liked this color when we moved in and painted but I felt like it was limiting what I could do in the room. The gray feels softer and actually makes

Valentine's Day with Oriental Trading

Can you believe it's February already?  The year is already flying by.  February means the month of love.  It's the time when we share our love for the people in our lives by showering them with candy and stuffed animals.  It is also the time for those class Valentine parties.  When your kids want those expensive valentine cards and candy that you wait last minute to get.  Or is that only me ? Well not this year!  I am doing everything early.  Oriental Trading is here to the rescu e.  They have a ton of Valentine's Day options .  I cou ldn't wait to check out the valentine cards for the class card exchange .  My daughter can be rather picky.  I went with a card and pen cil combo .  I like to hand out things other than candy si nce we tend to collect so much of it throughout the year.  I think the other parents would appreciate my gesture .       I also thou ght it would be fun to have a small Valentine's Day party at the house.  My daughter is always a