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Five Years

Yep, we've been in our house a little over five years now.  There's so much we've accomplished but still so much I wo uld like to do.  I try to keep the house tour page updated.  As I was going through pictures, I noticed how different the spaces look since the beginning.  I wanted to take you through a few rooms and the changes. Let's start with the family room.  Here are some photos from the house listing.  I don't think I ever took real before photos when we moved in.   Notice everything was still pretty builder grade.  I don't think the previous homeowners had done anything but move furniture in.  There were no holes from hanging any curtains, there was no color on the walls, and the light fixtures were original. Here is the same space shortly after moving in.  We installed hardwood floors, painted the walls, and changed the original family room light to a ceiling fan.  Before we moved in we bought furniture for the place.  I really

Summer Patio Ideas

Hello there.  I know it's been a minute since you've heard from me.  We're just soaking in the last few days of school and planning our summer. Since summer is on it's way, I keep thinking about spending more time outdoors.  I have plans of hosting barbecues and family together time.  I have yet to pull out my patio accessories and get things going outside.  I still love the setup from a couple years ago but the rug didn't make it.  It was an outdoor rug but I guess I missed the part about not keeping it outdoors.  The sun and other outdoor elements ruined it.  It started to shed and come apart. I've been obsessing over patios and taking notes on what we can do to improve ours.  I love bright colors for the outdoors, especially blues and greens.  Here are some patios and outdoor spaces that I really like. source source source source I'm on the search for a new rug and some other accessories.  I would really like a g