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Bathroom Faucets From Pfister

Good morning!  Now that we're pa st the hurdle called Monday, the rest of the week should be great right? Our master bathroom has been a s low work in progress.  It was painted and mirro rs framed but that's about it.  As a homeowner, you start realizing how much everything costs and th at 'to-do' list suddenly becomes a 'let 's save up for it' list.  One thing I can now check off that to-do list is faucets.     I wanted something curvy but modern in a nickel finish and these fit the bill just fine.  This is the Elden Single Control faucet .  I love them.  We have 3 holes on our sinks but that wasn't a problem.  The faucets came with a deck plate to cover the other two holes.  The number of holes in your sink is something you definitely have to remember.   The faucets were super simple to install. The hardest part was removing the old faucets.   I wanted a faucet with a single handle.  I think they are much easier to use

Fall Decorating With Wayfair

I received the new Wayfair catalog this week and O.M.G.  There's so much goodness in it.  The deep and vibrant colors in their fall line are amazing!  The cover alone made me put everything else down and open it up.  I'm not a traditional fall color girl when it comes to decorating my home but I definitely think a punch of color is in order this year. Here are a few pieces from the Wayfair fall catalog. sofa / bench / rug / lamp / blanket / coffee table / pillow / wall decor Temperatures are slowly dropping and I 'm ready to pull out my booties for fall. Have you started decorating for fall yet?     You're reading Fall Decor ating With Wayfair b y Andrea, originally posted on Decorating Cents .  If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Andrea on Facebook , Pinterest , Bloglovin , and Hometalk .

Changes Upstairs

Since we have been here a little over five years, I wanted to go back and look at the makeovers that have been done so far.  If you missed the downstairs, go here .    My daughter's room was one of the first to be fini shed.  Here's the before.  Definitely not appealing for a spunky girl like mine. I filled her wall up with DIY art , put up a temporary light , made some DIY curtains a nd pillows , bought a desk , a nd made a sunburst mirro r for over her dresser. As you know, I am currently in the process of changing her room again.  We painted it gray to give it a new look.  Things are looking good so far. Her bathroom received a makeo ver.  I used the green from her b edroom as the accent col or.   Ne xt up is my son's room.  It st ayed empty for a while when we moved in.  It was going to become a guest room but we found out we would soon be getting a new family m em ber.  I absolutely loved his nursery .  There were so many DIY projects i

Get The Look: Urban Farmhouse

I always love to re-create a room using affordable pieces. W hen I saw this family room , I fell in love w ith the open space a nd calming colors. sou r ce Here 's my version coffee table /  blac k vase / white vase / gray wingback chairs / tufted sofa / rug / side table / end table / ceiling fan / geome tric pillows / blue satin pillow / tufted chairs / medallion pillow s Feeling inspired?  Let me help you create your dream space.  Whether you need a room makeover or some help picking those final pieces, I'm here f or you !  Send me an email to find out how.     You're reading Get the Look: Urban Farmhouse b y Andrea, originally posted on Decorating Cents .  If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Andrea on Facebook , Pinterest , Bloglovin , and Hometalk .