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Installing Ikea Lack Shelves

I have wanted built-ins somewhere in my home for forever. They look so classic and they are extra spot to house beautiful home decor pieces. I have seen many a hack for turning the Ikea Billy bookcase into built-ins but I kept debating whether I was up for the challenge. Were built-ins too much for me? In my head I wanted something simpler too.  In my searches for DIY built-ins I kept coming across floating shelves. I love the modernness of them. The clean lines. The way they just seem to be coming out of the wall. There were times where I would browse Homegoods and Target seeing all the pretty things I could put on shelves. Alright done. Floating shelves it was. Once I decided on floating shelves, the debate was whether I wanted to build them or just buy them. Building them meant I could make them the exact size I wanted them to be. Buying them meant I would have to just settle for the size they came in. My wall is 90 inches wide and the shelves are only about 75 inches wide so I