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Save or Spend

When designing a room or refreshing a space, you usually have a set amount of money you want to spend. Otherwise known as a budget! I know, I know. I hate that word too. But if you set a budget for yourself in the beginning, you are less likely to go over when buying for your space. I wanted to design a space with 2 different budgets in mind. Some people are savers and want to get the most bang for their buck while others may be willing to spend a little more to get the look they absolutely love. Save console table $127 baskets $27 x 2 lamp $45 vase $50 faux stems $8 x 2 mirror $60 beads $45 Total $394 Spend console table $499 basket $119 x 2 lamp $229 vase $69 faux stems $8 x 2 mirror $299 chain decor $58 Total $1408 Which look is your favorite? Are you a saver or a spender?

Get The Look: Brooklyn Playroom

It's time for another round of Get The Look. In this series I get to share with you a beautiful space and give you pieces that you could use to re-create it for yourself. Most often, cheaper versions than the original space. This modern playroom grabbed my attention with the dark wall on one side and the wall mural on the other.   source It always fun to re-create spaces. I changed the mural to something more geometric. bean bag chair / wall mural / sofa / shelves / storage bins / sconces / play sign / rug / pom baskets / play table / chairs / barn door / fiddle / wall color Interested on getting a new look for your home or refreshing a space? Visit my E-design page to learn more.