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Another One Down

This weekend I finished another pinned project from my Pinterest boards .  I took the challenge after Sherry and Katie announced the Pinterest Challenge Fall Edition last week.  I had already planned to finish this light but the challenge made me kick it into high gear so I could finish in time for the link up this week.  The light is in the formal dining room and is the builder's grade left up by the previous homeowners.  It was white and not exactly our style.  I knew it would be changed.  This is how it has been for the last 6 months.  Notice there are no bulbs.  I hated it so much I wasn't willing to show it any love.  Just shook my head every time I walked by.   Here it is with bulbs.  A little better but I still wasn't feelin' the white.  Besides the white color, it has a textured surface.  Yuck.  Whose idea was it to put texture on a light fixture? So I decided to change it since the light I really want there won't be making an appearance

Trends: Stencils

It looks like stencils are the new wallpaper.  The great thing about stencils is you can simply paint over it when you grow tired of it.  There are so many great designs out there. I love these accent walls. How about all over the wall? Wow, check out this ceiling! Stencils have even become popular in nurseries and kids rooms. You can add a stencil to just about anything. Hmmm.  I may just have to get me a few stencils.

I Can Do It Too

Today I received just the boost I needed to start on some projects.  Sherry over at Young House Love announced the Pinterest Challenge Fall Edition.     I had no idea where I would start since I've pinned so many things on my boards .  I decided to start with one that was easy and free.  How can you beat those two in the same sentence? I've started seeing these DIY scarves and have recently pinned several.  I knew I had some old shirts laying around that I didn't wear anymore.  The idea is to take an old shirt and remix it into a scarf.  Sweet!  Here are some of my inspiration pins. Looks easy enough right?  So let's get 'er done! Start with a t-shirt.   Cut the bottom hem off and also right under the arms. Cut the mid section into strips.   Pull the strips.  They will curl up on the edges.   I saved a piece of the bottom hem.  I wrapped it around one of the ends and secured with a few stitches.   Not bad f

A Rug For The Office

I just happen to be walking through Target (I love that store so I'm in there at least once a week) when this season's merchandise was being clearanced out.  I love red signs so I had to hit up home goods.  I had me eye on a few rugs for a while so I go through just to see how low the prices were.  I found one I looked at the week prior but this time it was marked down 75% to $12.48.  Yeah!  I guess is pays to be patient sometimes, well it saves to wait.  Ha!     I think this is a subtle print and will look great once we add some colorful accents and window treatments.  One more thing to cross off my list.  Now I need some chairs to go with my rug. Office plans: paint the walls new desk shelves above the desk   create a small sitting area new chair add a rug wall art window treatments

Trends: Chevron

They're everywhere!  Chevron stripes that is.  I must admit I wasn't too fond of them at first but I've grown to love them.  Something about the bold pattern I guess.  I love how these stripes can make anything more modern. I love it on these furniture pieces.  I would soooo like a blue chevron chair. Or in small doses like these pillows...   or a cute plate would be nice. How about on the floor or walls? Is this a little too much for you?  This would look great with some bold pops of color.   It's even in fashion.  I love this dress.   I like this trend and would love to incorporate some in my home.  It may be in very small doses since Hubby isn't totally sold on it.  I'll keep working on him. Do you have some chevron in your life?