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Round Tables

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know I'm itching to change up our breakfast area. We bought this table and chair set when we first moved in six years ago.  Is it even possible that we have lived here this long?  Wow.  I loved the high top table and matching chairs.  I was really into dark wood.  I still am but in smaller doses.  The chairs are easy to clean because of the faux leather seats and backs. I am ready for change.  I want to lighten up this space a little.  I also just want to change just because.  Is that wrong?  I've decided that I want a round table, probably white paired with simple one piece chairs.  I love the modern vibe of a simple round table.  My kids are still young so definitely not going with cloth chairs here.  My husband is on board so I've been gathering inspiration pictures from the web. Luvbec   Style At Home A Thoughtful Place Three Times A Home Instagram     Homepolish Lonny T