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Introducing E-Design Services!!

I am very excited to announce the launch of my e-design services! I have been wanting to do this for forever and all the signs kept pointing me towards this. God knew my heart and everybody I talked to, every quote I saw said follow your dreams. This past Sunday at church we had a guest speaker and his message was about how your success and business was right up under you. I have dreams about designing. I can watch design shows all day and never tire. I see other people's homes and re-arrange furniture and paint walls in my head. E-design is such an affordable option and more budget friendly than hiring a traditional designer. It also allows me to work with people down the street or across the country. I can't wait to start helping you make your home the one you always wanted it to be. Whether it's a room makeover or starting with a blank canvas, I can help! Here's how it works. You email me photos of your space , photos of rooms you like that fit your styl