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Ready For A Backyard Barbecue

Summer is the time to enjoy the great outdoors.  When we moved into our home, I was looking forward to having dinners on the patio with our kids and having friends over for backyard barbecues.  I see spaces like these and long for gatherings outside.  Just having friends over and doing what my hubby loves to do, throw down on the grill!  My hopes are to one day install a pergola to create a little oasis in the backyard.  They just seem to add an elegance to the patio and create a covering to protect you and guests from the summer heat. Who wouldn't want a space like this?  I love the lanterns and table. source source This space screams backyard party.  I like the two seating areas and the wooden deck is beautiful. source We've already got a patio set but I would like to add a dining table.  It would be nice to have it for a separate seating area.  Here's our patio from last year.  The rug didn't hold up well and I never replaced it so it'

Back To School: Locker Accessories

Well, we are back in school mode this week.  My daughter went back on Monday.  She had been looking forward to this day all summer.  She's more of a social butterfly and likes to be around her friends.  During our school supply shopping, I noticed all the cute locker items.  We won't be needing those for a while since she's only in second grade.   I thought it would be fun to put together things I would have in my locker.  There are so many more things to choose from than when I was in school.  I would want the inside of my locker to be bright and colorful and be a moment of peace, and checking my hair , before heading to the next class. wallpaper / clip magnets / mesh shelf / storage cup / chandelier / mirror / magnets / dry erase board What would be in your locker?   You're reading Back to School: Locker Accessories by Andrea, originally posted on Decorating Cents .  If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Andrea on Facebook , Pint