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Spring Family Room with AllModern

* This post is sponsored by AllModern but the views and opinions expressed are my own .   What better time than Spring to freshen up my family room? Spring is when I feel the need to re-arrange and lighten things up a bit. Blue is my go-to color for decorating so of course it stays. Blue is calming and coordinates so well with other colors. Any other blue lovers in the house?   Over the years, I've gravitated towards the less is more approach. I hate clutter and am all about a clean and functional space. Too much stuff can look untidy and chaotic. Minimal and modern please. Our storage ottoman has come in handy to store movies and games and corral all the little stuff that tends to junk up a space. The ottoman also doubles as a coffee table. I've decided to add some plants in the mix. Bring the outside in. I had a fiddle leaf fig a couple years back. It lived a good year until winter came and then it went south. I'm all about a good faux plant but can't beat the health

Spring Rug Refresh

Spring is here! Time to clean out all the things and freshen up our spaces. One of the biggest ways to transform a room is to change the decor in it. Usually the biggest thing in the room is the rug on the floor. I rounded up some pretty rugs that I thought would be great to lighten up the room and even give it a punch of color if that's your thing. Of course I included some blues. 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9   I've got my eye on a few of these because I'm switching things up over here too!