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Where's The Dishwasher?

I've been receiving so many kind comments about the kitchen cabinet makeover.  A big thanks to you all.  Makes me feel good when my inbox goes in to overdrive.  In those comments have been some interesting questions.  One that stood out to me and was from an anonymous reader, "Your cabinets look great but where is your dishwasher?"  I had taken pictures of the dishwasher side of the island before but never got around to posting them.  Kind of hard to get a picture since I can't stand back enough to get the full island in the shot. And from the other side. When I installed the new pulls on these drawers, I centered the pull on the top drawer.  I thought the two bottom drawers would look off with the pulls centered so I moved them up towards the top.  There you have it, the other side of the island.  Anything else you want to know about the kitchen?  

Kitchen Window Treatment Options

Now that I removed the dark valance from the kitchen window I've been debating what kind of window treatment I should put up. I've thought about roman shades.   source source source Or how about a pelmet? source source source I like the look of this short curtain too. source So many options.  I guess I should start looking for some fabric.  What's in your kitchen window?  

I'm Featured At Remodelaholic Today

Today my Kitchen Reveal is being featured over at Remodelaholic .  Thanks so much!  

How To: Painting The Kitchen Cabinets

I showed you the kitchen cabinet reveal and now I'm gonna tell you how we did it.  We used a Cabinet Transformations Kit from Rustoleum.  The kit allows you to paint your cabinets without sanding.  The color kit we chose was chocolate.  It's the same one we used to transform the master bathroom cabinets as well. The kit contains: Instructional booklet and DVD Deglosser Bond Coat Decorative Glaze Protective Top Coat Glazing Cloth Scrub pads Stir sticks You also need: Paint brushes Drop cloths Disposable gloves Screwdriver First remove all the doors and drawers from the frame.  I laid the doors out in the garage and kept the drawers inside.  The kit comes with a deglosser that takes the finish off the fronts.  You want to take as much shine off as possible for the base coat to adhere well.  The kit comes with scrub pads but I bought more since we used the previous ones in the bathroom. Pour a generous amount of deglosser on the scrub pad

Kitchen Cabinets Revealed

After a long weekend and several week nights of painting, I can finally say the kitchen cabinets are done.  Say hello to our new kitchen. The stools seem to disappear into the island.  Not sure if I want to leave them this way or find some new ones.  I could try to recover the seats and paint the legs. I removed the dark striped valance and it already brightened the kitchen by allowing more light in.  I hope to find some fabric soon to make another window treatment.  I was thinking about a roman shade.  It wouldn't bother me to leave the window bare either.   It thought going to darker cabinets would make the room feel dark but I think it actually adds another dimension. I found this rug at Target.  It added more blue and I loved the whimsical play on chevron.   So glad I went with stainless steel pulls instead of keeping the old nickel knobs.  They pop off the brown and have a presence on the doors and dra