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Metal Bar Stools

It's funny how when you buy something you tend to notice it wherever you go.  This is happening to me with my kitchen bar stools.  I see them everywhere.     I wanted to share a few sources with you in case you were in the market for some of your own. This is the set I scored last year from Target .  There is some distressing in the silver color so it looks more industrial.  It comes in four other colors.  A set of two ranges from $71-95. Every time I go in Walmart, I notice these .  They are more silver than the set from Target.  They also come in a bright red color for fun.  They come in at $39.97 for one.   If you've ever been to At Home , you will love it.  They have lots of home decor for reasonable prices.  They always have a good supply of these bar stools.  They are around $40 a piece.   I tend to always check Overstock when shopping online.  They are competitive with a wide range of colors and prices from $75 a pair to $125.   I f

Look A Likes: Pane Mirrors

This is one style of mirror that I love.  It's got classic lines and I think will be around for a while.  The Pottery Barn mirror is definitely beautiful but can be a bit pricey for some like myself that want to stretch a dollar.  The version from Dot & Bo looks nearly identical and costs a lot less. Pottery Barn Eagan Multipanel Small Mirror Dot & Bo Pane Attraction Mirror There are also many tutorials out there for DIY versions.    You're reading Look A Likes: Pane Mirrors by Andrea, originally posted on Decorating Cents .  If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Andrea on Facebook , Pinterest , Bloglovin , and Hometalk .

Art Collection From Minted

Have you heard of Minted ?  I've seen their pieces across the web and have been intrigued by their vast selection of stationary, business cards, and invitations.   What I'm most drawn to is their variety of art prints .  They showcase pieces from various independent artists across the world so there is always something new to choose from.  Designers are able to submit their art, and the Minted community votes on what they like best.  When choosing a print, you are able to choose the size you want and can even have Minted frame it for you for a little extra.  Here are some of my favorites. The blues in this piece grabbed me. Indygo My husband is a fan of scenes so I think this one is pretty. Let's Go I could see this one going in a girl's room with the fun colors. Kaleidoscope No. 1 I like the blues and greens in this piece. Dash They offer custom art too.  I love this state print where you can insert family photos.

DIY Sunburst Mirror

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of my daughter's sunburst mirror.  I received several requests for a tutorial.  I took several photos during the process but never posted the tutorial.  So here you go! I started with a round mirror, wooden skewers, a piece of cardboard, and hot glue gun. Trace the mirror onto your cardboard. I also cut out a smaller circle onto regular paper.  I drew lines on it to mark where I wanted to glue my skewers.  You can see the dashes where I marked on the cardboard. Using those dashed lines, I began to glue down the skewers. The next few steps, I didn't get pictures of.  To give my skewers some variation, I began to stagger them in between the initial ones I glued on.  After all the skewers were glued on, I spray painted them.  The mirror was glued on top and a saw tooth hanger on the back. Easy peasy right? Check out my DIY sunburst mirror in the dining room here .   You're reading