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Oh Christmas Tree

The tree is up and decorated. It took me some real motivation to get going this year. I loved all the inspo from Instagram and Pinterest but my body was not ready to pull out all the stuff. It's always like a glitter bomb goes off and deciding what stays and what needs to go. I was good with not having a tree this year, but my kids insisted. I'm glad I decided to go for it. The twinkle lights are always a nice touch to the room at night. I love the warm glow. I went with gold and white for the colors this year. I wanted to keep it classic and simple. I like how it blends into my everyday decor. I never know what color scheme I'm doing until I pull everything out. I almost went for red. I bought a pack of red ornaments after Christmas last year and I was itching to use it but gold won. Do you change your Christmas decor color each year? How do you decide?