Knobs or Pulls?

I've decided I'm going to start on the kitchen cabinets this weekend, ok maybe.  I have one dilemma, knobs or pulls.  Since I'm painting them, I have a chance to fill and paint over old holes and make new ones.  I have been wanting to go with longer, sleek pulls on all the doors and drawers like this kitchen.

 source unknown

I also like cabinets like these where there are knobs on top and pulls on the bottom.

This one has a good mix, knobs on doors and pulls on drawers.

I could just keep my current knobs and have it look similar to this one.

Do you have a preference?  I like them all.



  1. I love the first picture ones, I know cause we have that kind and they're so confortable to pull with all your four fingers. We remodeled out kitchen 1 1/2 yrs. ago. I really like them all, except for the button kind in the last pic. Go ahead and change them! Hugs,

  2. I like the them all too! :) I'm no help at all. Megan

  3. we couldn't really afford to but nice pulls for all of our cabinets, so we bought knobs for all of the doors and bought cup pulls for all of the drawers. i like the mix!

    can't wait to see what you end up with!

  4. I have knobs in my kitchen, but I always thought pulls were a bit fancier. Maybe do the half and half!

  5. We have the longer, sleek pulls on all the doors & simple knobs on the drawers in our kitchen. I like the mix. I think either way works well & depends on how many of each type of door/drawer you have. I personally wanted more of the longer, sleek pulls & we happen to have more doors than drawers, so that is what helped me make my decision. Decide which (pull or knob) you prefer to see more of in your kitchen & choose to put those on what you have more of (doors or drawers). Hope that makes sense!!?! :) Just sharing what works for us. Looking forward to seeing what you decide!


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