E-Design Services

Have a room that isn't quite finished?  Unsure of what to hang over the sofa? I would love to help you.

What is E-Design?
E-Design is an affordable alternative to traditional design services...it's all done online. We communicate via email to create a custom design for you. It's convenient because we don't have to schedule meetings at your home. I do the work of finding pieces for you.

- You'll complete a design questionnaire about the space.
     * What room needs to be designed?
     * How do you want the room to feel?
     * How will the room be used?
     * How do you describe your style?
     * Do you have furniture or accessories you are keeping in the space?
     * What colors would you like to see in the space?
     * What's your budget?  
- Send photos and measurements of your space. I need to be able to see the full wall including floor and ceiling.
- Send inspiration photos of rooms that you like and represent your style

What you will receive:
- Customized Design Board

- Product Shopping List

- Overview of design and suggestions for installation

- One round of revisions

Once your design is complete, you install your design at your own pace. It's that easy!

Design Options:

Full service $79 per room
This covers paint colors, furniture, and accessories. It's everything you need to complete an entire room.

Design Dilemma $35
This is for a space that needs finishing touches like a rug, curtains, pillows, art, lamps, etc. It gives you some direction of where to take your space.

Ready to get started? Send me an email at decoratingcentsblog@gmail.com with your information and you will be on your way to a better room. Thank you for allowing me to design your space!
Payment is done through Paypal. Once payment is made, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

To see examples of my work, please see my inspiration design boards.



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