A Few Cravings

Well, I'm due in a week but I thought for sure we would meet little man this weekend.  I thought it would have been so cool to meet him on Mother's Day.  Oh well.  He'll come when he gets ready.

One thing I'm excited for when this pregnancy is over is wearing real clothes again.  Since spring started, there have been so many cute clothes I have been dying to wear.  Old Navy recently launched a campaign for white jeans.  I loved the commercial with Boyz II Men.  They are one of my favorite guys groups.  


Another item I've got my eye on from Old Navy is the eyelet dresses.  Something about the tiny waist and texture.  I've already bought one in my pre-pregnancy size hoping it will fit. 

My feet didn't swell up like my first pregnancy so I've been able to wear my normal shoes.  Yep, I'm still wearing heels and wedges.  I have bought a pair though that I haven't worn.  I'm just a little afraid that my feet will swell that day and stretch them out.  Who wants to be stuck with a pair of shoes that are too big the rest of the warm season?  I figure I can wait a few more days.  I haven't bought this pair yet, but they are on my wish list.

So hopefully we'll meet baby boy real soon.  And the nursery reveal is coming too.  Everything is in place, just haven't found the right chair yet so there's an empty space I need to fill.  Why are nursery gliders so expensive?


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