Gray Bathroom Cabinets

From the start, I wanted all the bathroom cabinets to be dark like the master bathroom.  I began my usual search online for more ideas. As I was searching, I came across bathrooms with gray cabinets.  I must say, I love the look. I have seen plenty of gray kitchens but never thought to have the bathroom cabinets gray as well.


I'm a little torn now.  I like the gray cabinets but with all things, my tastes change, so not sure if I would still like them in a couple years.  If I go this route, it would totally throw a curve into the plan since the walls are already painted.  Gray walls and cabinets would be overload.

What do you think about gray cabinets?  Are your cabinets a color you don't see often? 


  1. We are in the middle of finishing our basement, and our bath colors are gray! We painted a soft gray on the walls, but the vanity (currently being built by my hubby) will be a darker gray. We used dark various gray tiles in the shower too. We are mixing in some different wood tones and white trim. I love this look!

  2. I am doing my main bathroom that is a small bathroom. I am going to paint my vanity "Cement Gray" Martha Stewart have Kashmir White granite counter top. I am also going to put glass looking knobs on the vanity cabinet. I am trying to pick the perfect blue gray paint and it's hard! I have no natural light in this bathroom so everything looks gray! I think this look is actual classic! I was going to do an espresso painted cabinet but changed my mind for the lighter brighter look. I can't wait!!

  3. What color gray did you go with and where did you get it?


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