Installing Ikea Lack Shelves

I have wanted built-ins somewhere in my home for forever. They look so classic and they are extra spot to house beautiful home decor pieces. I have seen many a hack for turning the Ikea Billy bookcase into built-ins but I kept debating whether I was up for the challenge. Were built-ins too much for me? In my head I wanted something simpler too. 

In my searches for DIY built-ins I kept coming across floating shelves. I love the modernness of them. The clean lines. The way they just seem to be coming out of the wall. There were times where I would browse Homegoods and Target seeing all the pretty things I could put on shelves. Alright done. Floating shelves it was.

Once I decided on floating shelves, the debate was whether I wanted to build them or just buy them. Building them meant I could make them the exact size I wanted them to be. Buying them meant I would have to just settle for the size they came in. My wall is 90 inches wide and the shelves are only about 75 inches wide so I would have some spacing on the sides. After pricing out all my materials and the labor it would take, I decided to just buy them.

3 lack shelves with brackets
wall anchors and screws
painter's tape
measuring tape

The Ikea Lack Shelf is thick at two inches and plenty deep at 10 inches, giving it a heavy, substantial look. I went with white to keep it light and the ability to add dark objects to the shelves. I knew I wanted to go with three shelves. It just felt right and I using only two shelves might look too naked in this space. I started by using painter's tape to mark where I wanted my shelves. Initially I was going to put them higher up on the wall but the top shelf was going to be so high you couldn't really see what was on it. I decided to move it down. I spaced the shelves 15 inches apart giving me room to use taller objects if I wanted but also not so tall where the smaller objects would look miniature.

I went ahead and measured and marked the center of the wall so I knew where to place each shelf.

Hold the bracket on the wall and mark holes for screws. Be sure to use a level.

We bought wall anchors because I knew every hole we used wouldn't be on a stud. These just hammer into the wall with no drilling and hold up to 125 pounds depending on the drywall type.

Hammer in each anchor.

Attach the bracket to the wall using screws. We bought flat washers to pair with the screws. The screw heads may go through the holes in the bracket if no washer is used.

Align the holes in the shelf with bracket and slide on.

Secure bracket to the underside of the shelf using the two enclosed screws.

Stand back and admire your work!

Now I can get on with styling these beauties!


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