Master Bathroom: The Plan

This is the second time we are refreshing our master bathroom. The first time, we painted the cabinets, painted the walls blue, and framed the mirrors. It has remained this way for the last 8 years. I was never a fan of the blue paint. From the moment it went up on the walls, I knew I didn't like it. Why not change it then, you ask? Because I hate painting and I knew that hubby wouldn't want to paint again either.


The time has finally come for me to make the bathroom as spa-like as possible. Hubby agreed and I have quickly began to order items and make changes. You don't have to tell me twice!
I shared my mood board for this room previously. Laying the new flooring is probably the largest job we need to do. We painted the walls a couple weeks ago the same color as downstairs, Behr Silver Drop. It's a very light gray and the color looks different depending on the room it's in. I have also been able to change out the lights and remove those huge builder mirrors.
Removing the mirrors sounded so scary. We were both afraid of broken glass everywhere. We found a video on Youtube on removing mirrors from the walls. You basically take wood shims and place them between the mirror and the wall. You hammer each one in working your way around the mirror. The glue will begin to let go from the wall. When the space behind the mirror is large enough to get your fingers in, gently pull. The mirror will release. Removing the mirrors meant lots of spackling trying to get the wall as smooth as possible so the smaller mirrors could go up. I love the sleek modern look of them. They are the Threshold with Studio McGee ones from Target. I went with simple and clean light fixtures. I originally picked brass but went with nickel instead. Since I still want to keep brass in the space, the towel rings and cabinet hardware will change.

I want to paint the vanities a navy blue but I want to wait until the floors are in before choose a color. Since the floors are already dark, choosing the right shade of blue will be tricky. I don't want the vanities to blend into the floors. There has to be enough contrast between them to stick out.

We still have a lot to do but I feel like the room already looks 100 times better.

Master Bathroom To Do List: 
Paint the walls ✓
Lay new flooring
Hang new mirrors✓
Paint vanities
Change lights✓
New hardware
Install tile above tub
Window treatment
Art above tub



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