Making Cookies for Christmas

My daughter's class is having a Christmas Party at school this week.  The teacher asked that each child bring in homemade cookies.  What!?!  I don't bake and definitely not with her around.  Ok, fine.  I mentioned making cookies to her on the way to school and she was excited.  Even when I picked her up, she made sure those cookies were on my mind like they were on hers'.

I don't think we've ever made cookies together before.  We both have a little bit of a control issue, so I knew this would be interesting.  She wanted to to everything: pour icing, spread the icing, and do sprinkles.  We both made it through.  I think they look good for her first go at it.


  1. That is so sweet! Those cookies look awesome and I bet your daughter is so proud of herself. =)


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