Kitchen Window Treatment Options

Now that I removed the dark valance from the kitchen window I've been debating what kind of window treatment I should put up.

I've thought about roman shades.

Or how about a pelmet?

I like the look of this short curtain too.

So many options.  I guess I should start looking for some fabric.  What's in your kitchen window?



  1. I am a huge fan of roman shades! That would be my vote :)

    -just adding my two cents-

  2. haha right now my window is completely bare! i have been meaning to do the faux roman shades for some time and i have the fabric sitting on my craft table just need to find the time and sit down and do it!

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  4. Thanks for the link back! I think the navy one, (5th down) which is the one that is in my daughters bedroom would look amazing in a kitchen...! great way to add a splash of color...which can easily be changed later....


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