New Family Room Rug

It was time to make some changes in the family room.  Originally the accent colors in the room were blue and red.  The old rug was perfect as it combined those colors plus more so I could always change the accent colors if I felt.  That was my intention anyway.  I liked the old rug but the colors in it weren't my favorite anymore.  I wanted to start removing some of the red in the room.  I mentioned this to hubby and he was on board, as long as I could get rid of the old rug.  Not a problem!

I begin searching for rugs that I liked.  I knew I wanted a graphic print in a neutral color.  I wanted to be able to switch up art or pillows without worrying about them clashing with the rug.  This trellis one from Target kept popping up.  If you remember a few months back I posted this picture on Facebook of the blue one.  

I had bought it in 5x7 for the living rug but it was too small so it ended up going back.  They didn't carry the blue in 8x10 yet.  I checked Target's site every week hoping that they would eventually come to their senses and make this blue larger.  There was a tan in 7x10 but I didn't want anything in tan.  I wanted a contrast to the tan sectional.  Target finally made the blue in the 7x10 online but something else happened.  During a weekly Target run, I saw they now made a gray version.  I loved it.  I was rug searching before I even began to really think about replacing the family room rug.  Remember, I was supposed to be looking for a living room rug since that room doesn't have one yet.

I sold the old rug within days and I quickly picked this one up.  I couldn't wait to try it out.  It's like it was meant to be.  The darker color grounds the space and the tan sectional pops right off of it.  Just the right color and the pattern isn't too busy.  It's a low pile but it's comfortable under foot and doesn't shed.  The only thing is since it's darker, I can see the little fuzzies and random threads that get tracked onto it.

Since the main reason for replacing the rug was to remove the red, I thought the old red pillows needed to go too.  I kept the chevron pillows and added a couple others.  I wanted feather pillows with removable covers.  Feather inserts can be pretty pricy but I trick I've learned is to hit up the clearance pillows in TJ Maxx or Marshalls.  They always have feather pillows there for cheap.  It may look weird to others that you have all these mis-matched pillows in your cart.  Take the ugly covers off and put on your new covers.  The yellow one is the original cover from TJ Maxx.  When I bought it, I was intending to change it but liked the yellow contrast.  The darker blue is a cover I got on etsy. 

I still have plans to change the ottoman in here.  We want a larger leather one with storage like this one but I was thinking a fabric one could be an option.  I'd have to find the right pattern to not compete too much with the rug.

Let's look at the old rug and pillows:

And now the new:

I'm so glad we made this unexpected change.  The room feels calmer and so much brighter even though the rug is darker and patterned.  Now I'm still on the hunt for a living room rug.  Hopefully there won't be any speed bumps along the way.


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  1. Your new rug is beautiful. It looks perfect in your family room.

  2. I have been eyeing that same rug from Target! Your house looks so warm and cozy, I love it.

  3. Love this rug! I think I just got the exact same one for my dining room. Great minds think alike ;) I love the pop of color it adds to your space!

  4. Love the rug. Is it the blue or gray? Whichever, it goes great with the sofa and curtains.

  5. I love the pattern and color of the new rug. It is amazing how different a room can look with just a change of rug and pillows although the rug is a large piece. Great choice!

  6. Love the new rug -- looks great!

  7. I like it both ways--it just gives a different feel to the room. I would say with the new rug it feels a bit more calm in the space.

  8. Your room looks wonderfu- it does have a calmness to it. Somehow the gray looks blue- maybe it's because of the blue accents. I have to say that I like your room both ways.

  9. I love the new rug!! You are one of the features at The Round-Up from Before and After Wednesday at The Dedicated House. Here is the link to The Round-Up. Hope to see you again tomorrow at Before & After Wednesday! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  10. I love the room both ways!! I have a small rug from Target that is very similar to yours, by my front door. I love it! I need a rug for my living room. It's bare wood floors right now.
    ~Bonnie @ Our Secondhand House

  11. love the new look. definitely more serene.

  12. I love this! Is your chevron pillows gray or a baby blue?

  13. oh Im sorry and do you remember the shop name that you got the super cute blue pillow cover from?Thansk

  14. May I ask where you purchased your sectional? Gorgeous!


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