DIY Ornament Garland

I always drape a faux evergreen garland across the family room mantle.  This year, I was determined to dress it up with leftover ornaments.  This was a super simple project.

I started by laying my garland out.  I wrapped a couple pieces of ribbon around it first.  I decided to used gold, silver, and blue just like the tree.  I first attached the silver ornaments.  I attached the ornaments to the garland with ornament hooks that are meant for the tree.  I unbent the curves on the ends and made a v-shape in the center.  I hooked it through the ornament and tied it on like a bread tie.  I made sure to bend the ends in towards the garland so I wouldn't scratch the mantle.  I left enough space in between each silver because I wanted to add the others.  Sorry, I didn't take pictures of the process.

I then added the gold and blue, alternating the colors.  I tried to make the ornaments fall on different sides of the garland so it would look more natural.

I think this is such a simple but pretty touch to the mantle.  Adding the ornaments to the garland using the same colors as the Christmas tree ties both spaces together.  The tree is in the living room which is adjacent to the family room.

What special touches are you adding this year?

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  1. This is so pretty!! I just wish I had a mantle of my own to make this garland for! It might also look good wrapped around a stair banister :)

  2. This looks wonderful! In our small space, I put the tree in front of the mantle, but the garland would look great on our "pass thru." You inspired me to decorate-my hurricane glasses are done & I made a coffee filter wreath for the door. Your posts are so inspiring!

  3. That's pretty - I had to keep things so simple this year I didn't get to try new things - I can't wait to unleash a bunch of creative genius this time next year! ha ha

  4. So pretty! It fills up the top of your mantel perfectly with some great pops of color. I love the way the colors look together.

  5. So pretty! Love the colour and it just makes it pop against the green! Thanks so much for sharing at Your Turn To Shine! :) Have a wonderful weekend and Christmas, Andrea!
    Kendra @


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