Art Birthday Party

This past weekend my daughter turned 7.  She is very creative and loves to draw so we decided to throw her an art party.


I turned our dining room into an art studio.  

At each place setting is an apron, canvas, and brushes.

I made a balloon garland for colors above.

I kept white as the background for everything so all the food and decorations would add the fun colors.  For the food table I hung a white plastic tablecloth on the wall and added colorful paper fans that I made from scrapbook paper.  We kept the food simple with pizza, fruit skewers, and popcorn.

I made the cake with the help of my daughter.  She was excited for this one.  We used candy sheet dots to decorate it.  The cake bunting is a printable from here.

The paper cones for the popcorn is simply colored paper rolled and taped together.

I thought the fruit skewers added a fun colorful touch to the table and different than the usual fruit platter.  They were a hit with the kids.  They thought it was fun to eat fruit from a stick.  The utensil holders are cans wrapped in colored paper.

The pink lemonade was served in milk bottles with colored paper straws.


For the main activity, the girls painted canvases.  My daughter chose a heart design.  I drew a heart onto each canvas for them to start with and gave them a model to look at for inspiration.  When I showed them the picture, they each said how hard it would be to do.

My daughter hard at work.

It was fun to see the process each child took to create their painting.  They all turned out great and unique in their own way.

After each girl was done painting, it was on to frames.  I picked up a pack of foam frames from Walmart.  Each girl got to decorate her own frame to take home.

Then it was food time.  I found a roll of pink striped wrapping paper and cut it into placemats.  It added some color to the table and I could just place it on top of the paint mess without trying to clean the table.  They thought it was fun to drink from the fancy glass bottles and colorful straws.

The cake turned out to be a success.  The kids loved the bright rainbow inside.  I was bracing myself because I wasn't sure how it would turn out.  I'm pretty proud of myself for trying something different and not just buying cupcakes from the store.  This made it more special for my daughter, especially since she helped.

Each guest took home a favor bag filled with goodies.  I designed a tag for the front and my daughter taped them on.

My daughter and her friends really had a good time at the party.  It wasn't hard to put everything together but I stressed myself about some things that probably wasn't a big deal.  It was so worth the effort to make my daughter happy and enjoy her big day.

Canvases: Walmart
Paint: Michaels
Brushes: Dollar Tree
Aprons: Ebay
Foam frame kit: Walmart
Paper straws: Walmart
Favor bags: Party City

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  1. What a fabulous party. She must have loved it; what creative little girl wouldn't. Everything was perfect. Best Birthday present of all . . . having a sweet Momma who cared so much that she came up with this special celebration. You rock, Mom!

  2. Cute ideas and decorations! Happy Birthday to your daughter! :)

  3. You did a wonderful job!!!!! The party decor was fabulous. and on such a fabulous budget!!! Bravo, thanks for all the good ideas! Happy Birthday to your little princess.

  4. I love such simple kid’s parties. Just a month ago I also planned a birthday party for my daughter at best party venue rentals. She loved it and we all had a great time there.


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