Changes Upstairs

Since we have been here a little over five years, I wanted to go back and look at the makeovers that have been done so far.  If you missed the downstairs, go here

 My daughter's room was one of the first to be finished.  Here's the before.  Definitely not appealing for a spunky girl like mine.

I filled her wall up with DIY art, put up a temporary light, made some DIY curtains and pillows, bought a desk, and made a sunburst mirror for over her dresser.

As you know, I am currently in the process of changing her room again.  We painted it gray to give it a new look.  Things are looking good so far.

Her bathroom received a makeover.  I used the green from her bedroom as the accent color.

Next up is my son's room.  It stayed empty for a while when we moved in.  It was going to become a guest room but we found out we would soon be getting a new family member.  I absolutely loved his nursery.  There were so many DIY projects in there so it really felt special.  From the animal prints to the color block curtains, every piece was made with love.

After he outgrew his crib and was ready for a big boy bed, I decided to change things up a bit.  The colors stayed the same but I brought in new decor since he wasn't a baby anymore (at least that's what he says).  I really love how his big boy room turned out.

His bathroom got a makeover as well.

Next up, the office.  The office was started and still remains the same.  We put up a desk and shelves from Ikea to start things off.  I love the DIY striped curtains the most.  They add such color and brightness to the room.  I brought in a futon for guests but turns out the futon isn't really that comfortable to sleep on so I think this room may become a guest bedroom/office.  Besides I made an office in our master bedroom so this room rarely gets used for that purpose.

It's a huge improvement from where we started though.

The master bedroom is my favorite room in the house.  Taking it back to the beginning here's what it looked like.  Boring!

We painted the room a year after moving in.  After painting and finally getting a new duvet and a few accessories, the room sat.  It wasn't until last year when I decided our room was a priority.  Our room needed to be our sanctuary and beautiful too!  I came up with a plan and got to work.

I trimmed out the white curtains with fabric, bought a desk to change the sitting area into an office, made some pillows for the bed, and painted a gray accent wall behind the bed.  So in love with our room now!

It's so calm and of course I used my favorite blue to bring in some color.

There are some unfinished projects and some rooms I want to change again but I like how things have turned out.  No room is ever complete in my book.  There's always room to grow and improve.  As long as the people inside are changing, the home will change as well.

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