Wooden Blessed Sign

Is it Monday already?
I don't know about you guys, but I have lots of wood scraps laying around in the garage.  I decided to put them to use.  I like quote signs so this was an obvious choice.  

I chose a small piece of 1x4 and got to work.  With the addition of craft paint and a brush, this was an easy little project.

I first painted my wood with some black craft paint using my foam brush.  Since I don't have a cutting machine and I didn't bother to print and trace a stencil, I free-handed the words in pencil so I could erase if I made a mistake.  Which I did several times.  I chose the word blessed.

After a few coats of white paint to fill in my words, I had a cheap little sign I could put anywhere.  I used a tiny bristled brush for this step.

I paired it with my painted pumpkins for fall in the dining room.

How cute is this little wire basket I found in Dollar Tree?

I know with all the wood scraps I have, I'll be making more of these soon.

What easy project have you done lately?

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