New Storage Ottoman

How many of you can relate to too many toys in the family room?  I sure can.  We have had the same brown, faux leather ottoman for several years.  It did the job of storing and hiding toys that the kids kept downstairs.  I didn't think there was any other way.  Ever since we moved, I thought it looked too small in our space.  It wasn't large enough for more than one person to actaully put their feet up and the cushion on top was no longer plush.  There came a point one day where I was tired of picking up toys that my kids had pulled out and left out.  I wanted something different.

I really wanted a coffee table.  I begin looking and found several that I liked.  I was going for something with a wood and metal combo like below.  The more I thought about it, the more I was afraid of one of the kids hitting their head on the corner of it.


So I went back to the beginning and thought I could marry having a soft ottoman top with a coffee table look.  So I landed on this.  It was perfect.  I was sold.  Then hubby mentioned the linen fabric getting dirty because it was so light colored.  Because he WAS going to put his feet on it no matter what.

 Really?  What I really wanted I couldn't get?  So I knew another ottoman was really my only choice.  I found this and loved it.  It would still hold some toys and movies but I would get a larger piece to fill the space in the floor.  It's large at 34 inches square.

 So how do you think it looks?

We all love itIt actually has a presence in the room and doesn't look wimpy.  I went with the charcoal color. I love gray and I figured it would hide any stains.  Most of the toys went upstairs with the old ottoman to the loft.  I kept the movies and books downstairs in the new one.  I may store a few blankets in it as well.

I couldn't wait to put my World Market tray on it.  I've had fun styling it.

Here it is with my wooden sphere switched out for fall.

So what do you think?  So much better right?  It's already gotten so much use and everybody can reach it from the sofa.  Here's to hoping it lasts as long as the other ottoman did.

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  1. I personally like storage ottomans if I have to have one in my living room. Why waste the space if you can use it to stash your newspapers and things out of sight right?


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