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I have teamed up with some great women to bring you 10 Days of Organizing.  We are here to give you tips for your home to get you ready for the new year.

Now that Christmas has come and gone, the toys remain.  Between us and the grandparents, my kids got everything on their lists and more.  We thought we had done good by getting the kids a few toys each and a new game console to share between them.  Well, then there's the grandparents.  I was thinking one toy per kid per set right?  Wrong.  Several items per kid.  Some we haven't even opened yet.  HELP!!  We are grateful though.  I never want to hear that they are bored though.

I had started to purge some of the toys the week before Christmas.  After Christmas however, I realized I needed to weed things down even more, especially in my son's room.  I pulled all the toys out and went through them with each kid.  My son, who is three, even helped.  He did so good on identifying what he didn't play with anymore.  After we got rid of the baby toys and those that didn't work anymore, it was time to organize what was staying.

My son inherited the Ikea Trofast system from his sister.  I love the versatile white frame with the vast assortment of colorful bins.

I decided we should dedicate each bin to a different toy category.

The large blue bin is for his new love of Power Rangers.

The green bin is Ninja Turtles.

The red bin is for large cars.  He loves these things.

The white bin is for small cars.  This collection is rapidly growing so we might be switching bins around soon.

The orange bin is for stuffed animals.  He used to really love Elmo but I couldn't get him to part with him.

I wanted to label the bins but I figured he would be fine without.  It needs to be easy enough to manage on his own.

On the other side of the room are the wood crates.

More cars and books.  His books were on a shelf before but I like them in the crate better.  He can easily choose his own book and put it back without help.

I know toys in a kid's room are not always going to stay clean and neat.  At least everything has a spot now and hopefully he will keep them as organized as possible.  He's usually pretty good about putting things back so I'm not too worried.  The initial process and setup can be time consuming but so worth it in the end.

When choosing storage pieces for your space, try to look for something that will go with your decor and not look out of place.  You don't want it to look like you were trying too hard to hide things.  His storage is fun and colorful and fits right into my his room. 

Stay tuned for more organizing tips from these talented ladies! 
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  1. I love the little bin from IKEA, everything has a spot and that's perfect! I am currently organizing my daughter's room and this post is perfect timing!

  2. Andrea, I love the little bin! I also think you did a wonderful job pairing down the toys so that his room still looks clean and neat. My son loves the ninja turtles along with legos so I think the bin will be perfect to corral the lego pieces as well.

  3. Andrea !! Great job on the organization! Boys rooms can definitely be a challenge ! I love how you coordinated with the room and it doesn't look "kiddy" !! Love it !

  4. Hi Andrea -
    I have something similar for my son's TONS of legos! It's so useful, I may need to add a second! Great post!!

  5. Andrea, this looks great and so neat and bright! We used to have the same organization system for my older kids. Organizing kids' spaces is no easy task!

  6. Loving the new colorful storage that you added to your sons room! I love going though my sons room and looking at all the toys (and clothes) and donating what's no longer played with and no longer needed + tossing the broken toys, great idea to tackle this right after Christmas since they got so many goodies from loved ones!

  7. Very nicely organized! I know the kids are happy seeing thing in place! I love the wood crates

  8. IKEA has the most cost effective storage solutions that you'll need for keeping the home organized and the best thing about that particular storage unit you've got there is that you can vary the size of the bins for the amount of stuff you've got! I've even seen people use it for LEGO organization and that was pretty amazing!


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