Hey Fiddle Fiddle

Good morning fine folks!

Looking forward to spring around these parts. We had a few 75 degree days a few weeks ago and I want them back! 

Daylight savings also kicked my butt. I hadn't changed some of the clocks and I was walking around thinking I had plenty of time on Sunday, when actually I was running behind! Argh! It doesn't help when it's still dark getting the kids up and out the door Monday morning. Oh well. I guess I'll adjust.

I have been wanting another fiddle leaf fig tree. I love the big leaves and having more green in the house just brings more life to a room. I had one a few years ago that I kept alive for a while but I did feel like it took a little more maintenance. It was finicky. I couldn't move it or it would rebel by turning brown or dropping a leaf. It started out full and greenbut I think when the weather turned cold, it couldn't cope. Or maybe it was me.

When I was approached by Commercial Palm Trees, I was excited to try a faux fiddle leaf fig tree. I chose the Outdoor Fiddle Leaf Tree. What did I have to lose?

When it arrived, I was surprised how real the leaves looked. They felt pretty substantial too. I was expecting it to be a bit heavier though so when opening the box, it didn't seem possible that a tree was inside.

Although the leaves looked real, the connectors to the stem did not. They are made of plastic and it was hard to fan out the leaves and get them in the positions I wanted them in. I literally had to bend them to get the leaves to lay flatter and I was afraid I would break them off if I used too much force.

I couldn't wait to put it into a basket. I bought a FLADIS belly basket from Ikea. The tiny pot the fiddle leaf comes in is really tiny so there is tons of space round it and the inside of the basket. I need a filler to fill the space and add some weight to it since it's so lightweight. Good thing it's in a corner that doesn't get used often or it would constantly get knocked over.

I do love the look of this fiddle leaf fig tree but I do wish it was taller and fuller. From certain angles, it looks bare since there are only so many leaves on it. I noticed this when photographing it. I had to re-do some shots because it looked like totally different plants. The stem looks decent though. I don't think you can tell it's faux until you get up on it and see the plastic-y connectors holding on the leaves.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the tree but for the money I would expect more. I've seen some that are comparable in price and more full with great reviews. They also had a shorter, fuller option I would have chosen had it been in stock. It looks good in this corner of my breakfast nook and adds a good pop of green. This is a good option though. I think it'll definitely hold up and I don't have to worry about watering it. Check out their other options of faux trees.

They are offering my readers 10% off the purchase of a plant. Use code BLOGGER10.

I am still on the hunt for a real one. I saw some in Home Depot months back but I passed. Big regret. I haven't seen them since but I'll probably start stalking them pretty soon.

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  1. I think it looks great there. You could maybe put a couple of bricks in the bottom, then cover it with wadded newspaper, finishing off the top with moss from Dollar Tree. (: I love that moss - looks so pretty around the base of plants, real or faux!


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