Kitchen Words

I recently received a package from Design Divas.  They have a large selection of vinyl letters and wall art.  Their mission: To bring affordable, quality Vinyl Lettering Quotes & Wall Art into as many homes as possible.   

I had my choice of vinyl.  With so many choices, it was hard to make a decision on one.  I finally settled on this one for the kitchen.

There was an odd spot above the kitchen pantry where I was never sure what I was going to put there.  This piece of vinyl was the perfect solution.

Still debating on putting the red EAT letters above it.  What do you think?



  1. i think the vinyl is to small above the doors you need to be able to read it and not just up close. do you still like the painted cabinets? ang

  2. I think adding the word 'EAT' above the words would be a great idea! Then, Chop*Sear*Garnish*Roast becomes a caption in a way. Love the idea!

  3. I'm kinda with anonymous up there...maybe EAT above the door certainly in REd and maybe move those words closer to the oven/stove. Just a thought...I'm sure whatever you do will be fantastic. Thanks for the new grandbaby needed some words in her room..gonna get something for sure!!


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