Glow Stick Valentines

So I told you Monday we had not done the class valentine cards yet.  Well I can check them off my list now.  As always, I was checking the Target dollar spot and came across these glow sticks.  There were 15 sticks in each pack.  Sweet deal!  I grabbed two.  I love the idea of the kid making her own cards instead of store bought.  They're just a little more personal.  Plus, she gets to use her crafting skills.  I was also trying to get away from giving candy.  We always end up with so much of it so I was thinking maybe the other parents would appreciate the gester.

I made these cards in Picmonkey and printed them on card stock.  

We punched holes and inserted the glow sticks.  

Super simple and easy on the pocket.  Nothing like saying you made it yourself.



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