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In the original plan for the nursery, I have the Poang from Ikea.  We bought it before as a family room option but I didn't care for it because it looked too much like a nursery chair.  I like the clean lines of the chair but not sure how comfy it's gonna be sitting for long periods of time.  Also, the arms aren't padded.  I wanted to check around for more options before I settled on the Poang. 

I like the look of the cradle rockers but I don't think hubby is feeling the retro vibe of it.   To me, they're cute and simple.


We had a version of this in my daughter's nursery.  It was a gift so we just went with it.  It doesn't exactly have the modern lines we are going for this time, so I'll try to stay clear.

This glider is definitely a nice one.  It looks so comfy.  It's very modern and made of microsuede so it would be good for spills.  At $349 it's a little out of my budget.

I think I drool every time I see one of these gliders in nursery photos.  Something about it makes it look so luxurious.  I just can't imagine spending so much money though.

I guess I'll keep checking the stores and browsing Craigslist.  I can't break the bank on this one.  Do you have a Poang in the nursery?  How do you like it?

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  1. We found a new Oeko rocker at a flea market in Mississippi. There were a bunch of new rockers, all with defects for $100. The stool of the rocker had a split in the wood and I easily fixed it with wood glue and a clamp. That glider/stool retails for over $350! That was mostly luck, but clearly someone is getting the cast-offs from the factories. I think Craigslist and garage sales are probably your best bet, but don't count out fleamarkets!

  2. Go for comfort. The rocker phase won't be a long one but the hours spent in it WILL be. :) Which ever one you choose, makes sure you take a nice test drive. The arm rest are definitely important feature I would think. Good luck! :)

  3. I bought a poang chair from Ikea when I did my daughter's nursery because I hated the look of traditional nursery chairs. However, after a few days I knew it wasn't going to work. I spent many hours nursing my daughter in that chair and although I loved the look, it was just not comfortable. The arms were too low and hard. I ended up moving it to another room and purchasing a more comfortable chair. Comfort is key!


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