Let's Talk Lights

Back in November we had overhead lighting installed in the nursery.  We used a temporary light until the right light came along.

This what the light was looking like.

Pretty boring right?  I know I want some sort of drum light in there so I started looking around.  My first stop was Shades of Light.  I had read good things about them around blogland.  I entered orange in my search and this came up.

It's the same one from my mood board.  I love the orange but we know I am not paying $159 for a light.  This one also caught my eye.

Something about the pattern stuck out to me.  Again, at $149 not really an option.  I did notice it comes in just the drum shade by itself for $69 which is more reasonable.  I figure it wouldn't be too hard to make my own.  I made the drum pendant in the breakfast room with a pendant kit and shade.  I would just have to cover it with some funky fabric.

I've also seen a few options in Ikea that I liked.

The Alang is very much like a drum pendant and would be super easy to paint or cover with fabric.  It also would be less expensive than buying a separate pendant kit and drum shade, in which the shade itself can be pricey for the size I want.

I also like the look of the Boja.  The straw shade would add a natural element to the room.

I know I have some time to figure it out but I've already taken the boob light down and want a new fixture fast.

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