Organizing The Kitchen

For many families, the kitchen is the room of the house where they spend the most time.  Whether it is eating breakfast and getting lunches ready or making dinner and talking about each other’s day, the kitchen is often a common gathering spot.
Just as it’s often full of people, it can also be one of the most cluttered places in a home.  From pots and pans to dishes and silverware, it always seems like there isn’t enough room in the kitchen.

Organizing your kitchen can help it act as a focal point of your home by freeing up space for everyone and everything in it.  Check out these easy organization tips for your kitchen to keep it clean and spacious:

Wrap dispensers and sandwich baggies

There never is enough drawer or cabinet space in a kitchen, and there is an easy way to store things like tin foil, plastic wrap, sandwich bags and wax paper.  Tape magnets to the bottoms of the boxes and put them against the side of your refrigerator.  This way, they are easily accessible and don’t take up drawer space. 

Spice Jars

Who hasn’t taken everything out of their spice cabinet to realize what they were looking for was the first thing they pulled out?  To avoid this hassle, put all of your spices in a plastic storage bin and put that in the cabinet.  This way, when you need something, pull the bin out and put it all back at once.


Wire shelves and turn tables
To maximize space in your fridge or pantry, use wire shelves to take advantage of extra height.

You can also use turn tables in the fridge or pantry to avoid having to pull everything out to get to things that are at the back.


If you’re short on cabinet and drawer space, hanging things can be an excellent alternative.  Things like measuring spoons and cups can be hung on the inside of cabinet doors.  Pots, which take up a lot of space, can be hung above the stove in many creative ways.  Oven mitts and similar items can hang inside cabinets as well.  Brooms and mops can be hung on the inside of a pantry door.  The more creative you get with hanging, the more space you can save.

Cleaning Supplies

These usually end up beneath the sink taking up valuable cabinet space.  Instead, try hanging a shoe rack on the back of a door and storing them there.  The rack can also be used to store other kitchen necessities.

Chalk or dry-erase board

Instead of putting post it notes and lists all over your kitchen to remind you of what you need from the store and what is going on, use a chalk board.  Write your lists and reminders here instead of cluttering your kitchen with notes.

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Thanks Katie for these great ideas!

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