Model Home Inspiration

I've told you about my love for model homes before.  You can get so much inspiration from touring a modeled home.  Some of the staging can be overdone but you can see concepts you may not have thought about doing before and incorporate them into your own home.

I love this model home in Utah.  It's a traditional home but features so many great modern updates.  The front of the house is beautiful.  It's got a craftsman feel to it.  I love the stone exterior.

Here's the entry.  Don't get me wrong, I like molding but I think they went a little overboard here.  Some color would have been nice.

They've turned the living room into an office.  I see this a lot.  Many times the living room is a room that doesn't get used often so making it an office gets more use of the space.  I like the neutral walls with pops of color in the artwork.

Check out the family room.  It is so open.

You can see they extended the molding into this room.

The family rooms opens up to the kitchen.  I love the darker cabinets and that they go up to the ceiling.

The dining room is right in between the kitchen and family room.  It's very simple with a wood and metal table and ghost chairs.

The laundry room boasts the same beautiful cabinets as the kitchen.  I don't like doing laundry but it would be a whole lot more tolerable in this room.

Here's the master bedroom.  I'm not a fan of the metal canopy bed but I like the colors they used.

I do however like the master bathroom.  Again the cabinets are the same as the kitchen.  I like the double sinks, separate mirrors, and tile to the ceiling.

The other two bedrooms are fun and colorful.  This is a cute girl's room with bright headboard and simple styling.

How about the floor to ceiling braille feature?  I like the orange accents against the black and white.

The shared bathroom has a glossy blue counter top.  Everything else in the room is neutral so it works.

They've turned the loft into a great family space.  It's perfect for lounging and hanging out.  There's a desk facing the window for homework time.  The colors in this space are great and exude happy!

Overall I love this home.  It's got a neutral backdrop but they've livened the rooms with loads of color and fun.  There is so much design inspiration here.

Been to any model homes lately?

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  1. I like the pops of color, too. But I'm with you on the use of excessive molding. Takes away from the look...Also, I love the idea of tile to the ceiling in the bathroom, and mirrors that tilt!


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