DIY Sunburst Mirror

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of my daughter's sunburst mirror.  I received several requests for a tutorial.  I took several photos during the process but never posted the tutorial.  So here you go!

I started with a round mirror, wooden skewers, a piece of cardboard, and hot glue gun.

Trace the mirror onto your cardboard.

I also cut out a smaller circle onto regular paper.  I drew lines on it to mark where I wanted to glue my skewers.  You can see the dashes where I marked on the cardboard.

Using those dashed lines, I began to glue down the skewers.

The next few steps, I didn't get pictures of.  To give my skewers some variation, I began to stagger them in between the initial ones I glued on.  After all the skewers were glued on, I spray painted them.  The mirror was glued on top and a saw tooth hanger on the back.

Easy peasy right?

Check out my DIY sunburst mirror in the dining room here.

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  1. OMG! I just redecorated my living room and had gone to that page several times last week. I bought all the supplies last week, so I'll only need the cardboard. It's as if you were reading my mind:) The tutorial is really helpful. Jacinta


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