5 Ways to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Now that we are deep into summer, we are outside more these days. We also got a puppy so it's forcing us outside anyway for potty breaks. I have yet to pull out the pillows and rug to make the patio pretty. I guess I feel like I only need them when we have company over. My husband and kids could care less about the decor. All they want is somewhere to sit.

Think of your outdoor space as an extension of your inside home. A place to entertain guests and enjoy nature. Make it fun. Make it you!

1. Define the space with a rug. An outdoor rug can help anchor the area.

2. Add color and texture with outdoor pillows.

3. Light it up with string and pathway lights. Lights can help illuminate the area and also give a special ambiance at night.

4. Add fun accessories to fill empty space. Planters and lanterns are ways to bring in more color and fun elements. Plants will also bring life to your space.

5. Make it cozy with a firepit. It will bring warmth to your space and make it an inviting place to hang out at night.

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What are some ways you have spruced up your patio this season?

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  1. I'm not that into outdoor pillows, but those inspiration ones are so awesome I'm actually considering!

  2. Thank you for sharing these ideas with us! My outdoor space and patio do need a revamp, so these ideas will be super helpful and useful. Thanks!


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