Chevron Pillows

I was making my usual weekly Target run.  I always check out the home section.  It's a must.  I have an incurable itch to changing things around the house.  They are remodeling the Target near me so it looks like they are trying to get rid of a lot of items.  Many of them are clearance.  I came across these babies. 

They are Dwell Studio and have a zippered cover.  Can you believe they were marked down to $7.00?  I started to get one to see how I would like it but immediately grabbed another just in case I did.  Good thing I got two because the rest were gone when I ran back in the next day.

Finally got my chevron and in the perfect color too.

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  1. Your pillow choices are great, it really adds great color and life. I need to add pillows to my couch!


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