Turquoise And Red

I have grown fond of blue and red.  These are the colors of the primary accents in my home.  I used to be all about the reds but since moving into a new home, the blues are making quite an appearance.  They are two colors that mesh so well together.

I fell for this room when I first saw it.  It has the perfect blend of blues and the small pops of red.

This is the room that really gave me inspiration for my family room.  Don't the tan walls, red pillows, and blue curtains look familiar?

This room is very soft with a white background but has subtle blue and red accents.

Ahhhh, and I thought I had to choose a favorite color.  Nope, not anymore.



  1. These are all completely gorgeous! Target has some great accessories in both that blue and red colors right now...I stood in the aisle last night and fell in love with each of them just a little bit.

  2. These pictures show the right balance and the right strengths of red and blue. Great ideas, all of them.

  3. Hi Andrea! I love aqua/turquoise with red, too. I enjoyed looking at the rooms. Great sources of inspiration.
    I've been following on via RSS on google reeder. I'm also your newest linky follower.
    Looking forward to continued inspiration!

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class


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