Trends: Maps

I've never been much into geography but I guess if I needed to know where a place was, I could follow this emerging trend.  

How about maps on the wall? 

Do you have any maps in your home decor?


  1. Actually, yes! We have a map in antique tones on a main wall in the front room of our house. It's about 7 feet tall and about 8 or 9 feet wide. It is wallpaper and we have framed it out to look like a huge picture. After years of trying to figure out what to do with this wall art-wise, we decided to do this and have NEVER regretted it. People LOVE it, too. It is a phenomenal conversation starter. People are drawn to it and begin sharing about trips, places lived, etc. We love it. And I enjoy reading your blog. -Ericka S.

  2. I am a stamp collector and I have vintage 1970's medium size Stamp Map of the World on my wall put up with push pins. I also have a stash of smaller hand colored maps from an old 1906 set of encyclopedia that I plan on using for some project later. Love your blog. Charlotte D.

  3. I do love maps, I have two sons and I think maps are great for decorating, in boys rooms. They know a lot about Geography now .

  4. So did you decide to put the map trend to practice in your own home?

    I"m following you via the LF blog hop and hope you'll return the favor!

  5. Thanks for featuring my map project!!



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