You Did What With Paint Sticks?

I've been getting comments about the use of paint sticks in my sunburst mirror.  They were easy to use and get so I was thinking what else could I make with them? 

Here are some ideas I found.

An American flag perfect for July 4th

I love this pendant!

An easy mobile for the baby's room

Make your own crate

Personalized letters
Isn't this the cutest picture frame?

Make yourself some ornaments

Refrigerator magnets

Herb markers for all you green thumbs

Catalog your paint colors

Alright ladies, let's hit up the home improvement stores and grab those paint sticks!  Stock up.  The Home Depot guy may be seeing me more frequently.


  1. Thanks for finding all those great projects!! I'm lovin' the letter!

  2. Love all of these ideas. I think I'll steal the cataloging paint colors idea.

  3. crazy stupid silly question. how do you ask for so many paint sticks? just ask or go in a lot and get a few each time?

  4. Thanks for featuring my pendant light!

    Missy S. -
    I asked for the paint sticks every time. I always told them I needed a bunch and they said, "go ahead, take as many as you need." and sometimes they handed me a handful. I told them I needed A LOT and offered to buy them but they said they didn't inventory them so even if they wanted to sell them they couldn't. I didn't take them all at once. But now, a friend of mine who works there said her manager could just get them for me.
    Hope that helps!


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