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Hey folks!  Are you still stuffed from all the turkey and dressing yesterday?  I am.  Too much good food in one place.  We've got some leftovers so I plan on diving in for more.

I want to talk about renters today.  Many people are renters.  I remember my first apartment with my husband.  It was pretty plain and I wasn't into the design thing then.  I think I could have cared less about what was on the walls.  Maybe it was because we were renters.  We did have a red sofa though that I loved.

Being a renter can deter a person from decorating.  But why?  Where we live is our home and it should be decorated to our taste.  You want to feel like you when you go there at the end of the day.  I thought it would be fun to put together a room of affordable pieces for renters.  Most treatments need to be temporary so they can be removed at the end of the leasing period.

So here's where you start.  You've found the perfect place and you have a blank space.

 via Renters Pages

Where do you go with the decor?  Can you paint the walls?  Can you hang pictures which means putting holes in the walls?  Can you change the light fixtures?

1. Use washi tape - You can make a fun pattern on the wall and easily remove it when you're done.

2. Vinyl wall decals - This is simply peel and stick.  No damage done to the walls.

3. Create a gallery wall - Add some of you and your family into the space.  If you are hesitant about putting a million holes in the wall, consider command strips.

4. Removable wallpaper - It goes up easy, looks fabulous, and comes down in a snap.

Are the light fixtures not quite your style?  You can easily make a few tweaks to the existing light or change it out completely.


1. Cover up an existing light fixture - Instead of removing the old light, use a shade to hide it.

2. Use a decorative bowl to make it a feature - This homeowner used a metal bowl to make a standard builder light look fancy.

3. Add wireless pendants - I didn't know there was such a thing but this is a great option to add some wow to the kitchen.

Finally, add some color and pattern throughout using pillows and accent pieces.  Accessories are the key to pulling it all together.

zebra pillow
subway sign
gold urchin
decorative ball
sunburst mirror
black and white pillow 

So the finished product can still be beautiful, renting or not.

  coffee table
chevron pillow
red pillow 
globe pendant

So if you're renting, there are so many ways to make the space your own.  Inject your own personality and make sure you ask the landlord what things you can and cannot change.

What ways have you decorated your rental?

*This is a sponsored post but the views and opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Hello Andrea, and yes, I am stuffed. It was so good to see your post as I literally stayed in bed all day....and of course did a little eating as well:) I really wish I had this post about two years ago when I first moved into this condo. It is boring with all the standard apartment stuff. I love the choices for temporary wall covering & lighting, especially the removable wallpaper and the vinyl decals. Good stuff!

  2. Oh, and the wireless pendants.


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