Saving Money on Home Decor

Who doesn't like to save money when shopping?  I love a good deal.  There are so many ways on saving money when shopping.

1. Check both online and in store.  Just because an item in on sale in store does not mean it's on sale online and vice versa.

2. Shop the thrift store.  Many people donate perfectly good items simply because they no longer have room for it in their home.  Also, some Goodwills receive unsold items from local retail stores.  I've heard of many people getting brand new Target items from Goodwill.  I have yet to run across any of those.


3. Use Ebates when shopping online.  You can get 2-6% cash back when making purchases.  It's nice to get a little check in the mail every few months.  Just about every online retailer is listed there so look here before checking out.


4. Always search for coupon codes when shopping online.  Retailmenot is a good site to check.  They also have a mobile app for shopping in store.


5. Shop discount stores like Homegoods, TJ Maxx, and Ross.  They sell brand names many times for less than the large department stores in the mall.  They are usually leftover goods from the major stores that didn't sell.

6. Target - Use their Redcard for 5% off and the Cartwheel app for more savings.  They also have coupons on the mobile app.  I've use Cartwheel to score deals on my dining room chairs and kitchen bar stools.  Many times furniture is on sale in the store but by using Cartwheel, you can get an extra 20-30% off.


7. Shop Craigslist.  Buying secondhand can score you a quality piece for less than retail.  People get rid of items they no longer need and that means you could get it at a fraction of the retail price.

8. Know when stores mark down clearance items.  I've read that Target marks down their housewares clearance on Thursday.

9. Be open to DIY.  If there is a pricier item you want, most likely you can make a cheaper version by doing it yourself.  Maybe you are looking for something in particular and just can't find it.  I've created my own West Elm sphere, Williams Sonoma glass hurricanes, and napkin pillow covers.


Saving money can be easy!

What are some ways you save money in your home?

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  1. Wow, what a great post! I reviewed your post on the glass huricanes too - what a tremendous idea & even greater savings. 68 bucks - no way:)

  2. I loved this tip at 320 Sycamore, adding the link for you.


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