The Plans Have Changed

We are well under way with the master bedroom makeover.  It's been fun so far.  My husband is pretty much letting me handle this but I have to keep in mind the things he would and would not like.  We liked the initial design but realized a few things weren't going to work.

Here's the first plan.  

There were two chaise lounge chairs in the sitting area.  After much debate, we decided that we really didn't need two lounge chairs here.  How often would we be sitting in this space at the same time?  That, and the fact I couldn't find one cheaper than $250 that I really loved.  I wasn't ready to sink $500 for chairs alone.

I also really wanted an upholstered headboard but that requires a new bed frame.  That means selling our current furniture to buy new.  I would normally be all about that but I really like our bed and I'm not sure hubby is ready for the change either.

So things have changed a bit.

I want to incorporate a small desk in the sitting area.  This way I can check emails, blog, and pay bills without walking to the office.  I enjoy being on my laptop and not starting up the desktop computer.  This desk is one I showed you before from Target.  It's got an industrial look but is affordable and small enough to fit into the sitting area.  Instead of a normal desk chair, I want a cushioned chair.  I'm not a fan of the traditional rolling office chair.

I found a chair on Overstock that we've received already and I love it.  It's pretty wide and very comfy.  I gave you a sneak peek here.  For foot support, I plan to add an ottoman.


The gallery wall is pretty much done.  I am waiting on a few photos to arrive in the mail to put into the frames.

I'm liking our bedroom better already.

See the original plan here.

To see progress in the master bedroom:
DIY Fabric Trimmed Curtains  

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