Friday Five

Hey hey hey!

Welcome to spring! Nothing like warmer temps and pollen covered cars. As much as I want to dine on the patio for lunch, I know it'll put me in a sneezing fit. And my kids are already sniffing and coughing. You can keep that part of the season! Just give me the go for flip flops.

1) Have you seen the new MoDRN line from Walmart? The pieces are so on point but items are a little pricier than what you'd expect from them. I'm really loving this cabinet. The color is so pretty.

2) Have you ever wanted to take a picture of a room with a window but it looks blown out? This tutorial explains how to keep everything in the picture bright all while still being able to see everything outside of the window. A real game changer.

3) Bethany's playroom reveal is so good. I love the blues and the different stations she has set up around the room. Now if I could just get my kids' space together.

4) My go-to sneakers for the spring and summer are white Chucks. They are classic and go with everything! It's time for a new pair.

5) With the change of seasons, I feel like it's necessary to spring clean. Get rid of all the unwanted items and white down those baseboards. This checklist from House Beautiful on cleaning your house in a day is definitely a good guide.

That's all for this week folks! If you see anything across the web I should know about and needs to be shared, let me know.

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Have a great weekend!


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