Real vs Faux Plants

I love the look of real plants but I don't know about you, this girl is good at killing them. I've had a fiddle and a couple of yucca plants and they are sadly no longer with us. It's not that I don't want them to survive, I just forget to water them or over water them. I think the yuccas lived the longest. Once the weather gets cold it's hard to keep them warm and happy.

House plants are good for purifying the air in your home. They help remove invisible toxins that are unhealthy for us like carbon monoxide. Did you know what some of the products in our home like furniture and air fresheners release formaldehyde? Plants also help reduce stress and fatigue.

Plants not only bring life to a room but they also look good. Put them in a pretty basket and you have yourself some instant decor. Not too mention the pop of green looks good in any room.

The only living plant right now in my home is my snake plant. I've had it a couple years now and I love it. I haven't killed it yet and I often times forget to water it. It's also called a Mother in Laws Tongue. I had no clue until someone asked me about it one day and referenced it as such. It makes such a statement with it's fun upright leaves. Most plants release oxygen during the day but the snake plant is one of the only plants that release oxygen at night. Good to know right?

Now let's talk about faux. I really like them. Can't kill them. You can put them anywhere because they don't need to be by a window or light source. You can find them in most stores. I like grabbing the ones from Ikea. They are a great size for sticking them in small pots and planters. This little modern planter in my dining room is from Ikea. I stuck in two of the fejka plants and called it a day. When I bought the planter, I intended on using real plants but haven't gotten around to it. Probably never will.

Now that I think about it, I have an Ikea plant in just about every room. They're just that easy. No maintenance required.

I like this faux fiddle in my breakfast room. It adds a little something to that corner. I have to dust it every now and then, but again no maintenance.

I plan on getting more real plants this year. Maybe more snake plants. I'd like to try another fiddle. They can be expensive especially if you want a larger one. I like plants that look full and not wimpy. I've heard Pothos can be easy. I remember my mom having those in the house all the time. Succulents are pretty too. Peacy Lily? Pilea? Rubber plant?

Are you a plant lover? Maybe you can help me out and send me in the right direction. What plants are good for a beginner like myself? I need all the help I can get.


  1. I have never had luck with succulents, and though I love the look of a real fiddle leaf, I cannot justify spending so much on something I figure I will kill...I have, however, had good luck with pathos ivy and spider plants. And I bought an olive tree at HEB last Fall that is going strong by the front door. I love the simple and clean look of the faux IKEA plants and that I can use them in random spots, regardless of sunlight. Love your clean and simple decorating - more of what I'm leaning towards lately!

    1. Thanks Gina. Like you, I can't spend so much money on a plant that will likely not make it. I'm going to start will less expensive ones and see how it goes.


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